Cookie Statement


A cookie is a quantity of data that a website, via the server on which it is hosted, sends to the visitor's browser with the intention of storing these data on the visitor's computer.

Sometimes a cookie is placed and read by a party other than the website operator (so-called third party cookies). The best-known third party cookies are those for statistical data, such as Google Analytics cookies.
The next time you visit a specific website, the server can recognise the browser of the previous visitor and get access to the information that was previously stored on the visitor's computer. Which information is saved and stored on the visitor's computer by means of a cookie is entirely determined by the operator of the visited website.

The use of cookies is mainly useful for, e.g.:

  • remembering the login name or settings (e.g. language choice);
  • gathering surfing information (completed text fields, visited pages, etc.);
  • tracking site statistics (number of visitors, etc.);
  • linking a browser to temporary values on the server (session cookie);
  • etc.

Our website uses cookies of third parties (Google) to get a better view on the use of our website. These cookies are anonymous. We do not identify individuals with these cookies, but computers. We do not collect personal information about your or provide information to third parties.


Which cookies does this site use and which data are stored?

In order to offer you an optimal surfing experience, this site uses the following cookies:

    • This cookie is only used for users who are logged in, such as website administrators.
    • Purpose: this cookie keeps track of the (technical) temporary values during the visit, to allow a smooth navigation.
    • Life span: one browser session
  • _ga
    • Purpose: this cookie from Google Analytics keeps track of (anonymous) data about how you visit this site, in order to compile statistical data. For more information about Google Analytics and the Google Privacy Statement, click here.
    • Life span: two years
  • locale
    • Purpose: this cookie is used to store your preferred language and serves only to increase the ease of use on our website.
    • Life span: one session


How can I manage these cookies / opt-out?

You can block cookies manually in your browser. You can block specific cookies and websites, or all cookies of the websites you visit. This may affect the functionality of the website. Please visit your browsers manual: